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Summer Sky Blue Blouse

Summer Sky Blue Blouse

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Collection - PreFall 2021 - Bloom

The Summer Sky Blue Blouse Features: 

  • Paneni's Summer Sky Blue Blouse features hand-embroidered floral work on the front left corner and the back right corner. Sweet Dandelions in pastel blue and white to keep it subtle and nice. The contrast of deeper blue was made to stand out and catch your eye.
  • The button-down shirt has six Mother of Pearl buttons. The shirt has been made with an extra strip in the button region to let it from opening up to face the usual problem women face with button-down shirts.  
  • 100% cotton to keep you happy and comfortable. 

The Process:

  • After our designer works on the design and we're ready to roll, the designs are then transferred to the cloth. With this blouse the designer wanted a pastel blue shade to keep it simple and light. The blue reminds us of the summer skies and the happiness it brings along. The sun is still out and so are you! :)
  • The cloth is then cut and pattered to the exact measurements. 
  • The cloth is then hand-embroidered!   This particular Blouse took us over four hours of work in embroidery alone, with that every garment made is slightly different from each other. We try to make perfectly imperfect pieces to maintain the character of the art piece. 
  • The cloth is tailored and stitched to perfection each time!
  • Skilled artists with over 18 years of experience make each piece with their expertise and love! 
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