timeless hand-crafted luxury

Each piece is made with hours of skill, effort and patience with over six to hundred hours put into just one designer piece, all made specially for you!

hand-drawn designs

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  • Summer Spring 2024

    This summer we have linen, cotton, patched up denim, cotton-linen, upada, silk organza to make the most summery, light and statement pieces we've ever made yet.

Customise Denim with Paneni

Award-winning artist Neetu Sharma and her team of dedicated artists make sure you get exactly what you have on mind. Get your own custom piece of art tailor made to your requirement!

  • About Us

    Paneni started with three partners - an artist with over 25 years of experience in the field of art, a business school graduate and one partner who ties the company together and keeps everyone from fighting. (We really can't do without him) If one drops out - the perfect balance is lost. 

  • Where did that take us?

    So we decided to weave fabric, paint, thread, beads, and everything we know into pieces that can only be made with our hands and difficult to replicate otherwise. We found artists who are so unbelievably talented with so much expertise in their hands that it's marvelous to see our designs come true because of their skill. Everyday we are asked what's our line of business and we always say we're not a fashion company we're an art company! 

  • Our Designer

    Our Designer - Neetu Sharma - has over twenty published books and over 25 years of experience stored in her pocket experimenting with paint, texture, clay, glass, mediums of color & fabrics. 

  • Come visit us at Khan Market, New Delhi!

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