Paneni|| Blue Denim Jacket || Tie and Dye Jean Jacket Paneni|| Blue Denim Jacket || Tie and Dye Jean Jacket
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6, MidDLE LAne, KHan Market, New Delhi

6, MidDLE LAne, KHan Market, New Delhi

Mon-Sun, 12:45 pm- 8pm



Rs. 6,500.00

Collection:  Women’s Winter Collection ‘22

The Shibori Denim Jacket Features: 

  • The manual-resist technique that creates patterns unevenly all over the fabric making each piece different from the next makes this piece so special. The resulting patterns are often Japan's appreciation of beauty in imperfection. The concept is also known as Wabi-Sabi. 
  • Paneni often seeks design inspiration from Japan's handicrafts and design techniques. 

 The Denim Jacket Features: 

  • The denim jacket has been hand-crafted with love! 
  • The material is 100% cotton. Fabric for the denim jacket feels thick and does not stretch, we source quality fabric. 
    fabric: 11-ounce dyed denim 
  • The colour of this denim jacket will have a slight bleed as indigo is a colour that always bleeds. Simply dry clean or hand wash in cold water. 
  • It sports two pockets on the outside and two secret pockets on the inside. (more pockets, fewer problems)

Time Taken: 

  • This denim jacket requires over hours worth of patience, skill and effort. 

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