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Patched Denim

Patched Denim

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What sets these shirts apart is their individuality—no two shirts are alike. Through a careful process, the butterflies are embroidered onto the denim, the canvassed denim is cut up into blocks of 4 inches each. Each piece is then tailored together and this results in a stunning array of one-of-a-kind designs. From vibrant monarchs to delicate swallowtails, every shirt tells its own story, making it a cherished piece for any collector.

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Know more about Paneni's Processes

  • Hand-Crafted Expertise

    All Paneni Garments are specially made by an artist for you!
    We design each piece and each piece takes hours of work!

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  • High Quality Trims

    All trims sourced are of high quality and we never source any plastic trims!

    Sustainability starts with consciousness! Sustainability starts with us & you!

  • Tailored to Perfection

    Each Paneni Garment that goes out to you is tailored to standard fits and perfection. Need a custom fit - reach out to us!

  • if your garment is hand-painted

    hand- wash in cold water

  • if your garment is hand-embroidered

    dry clean only

  • if your garment is painted & embroidered

    hand-wash in cold water

  • Shipping Policy

    We Ship all items in 10-12 days!

  • Returns

    We accept all returns except for custom pieces!

  • Customise

    Build a custom piece with us!