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Hand-Embroidered Eagle

Hand-Embroidered Eagle

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Collection: '21 Men's Denim

The eagle jacket is one of our first embroidered designs and we are beyond excited to share it with the world! The jacket has been embroidered with Zari, Sequin, Silk Thread, Beads, Expertise and lots of love!

The Eagle Jacket Features:

  • The Eagle's Wings, legs & beak have been made of gold metallic thread mixed with bronze thread. 
  • The Eagle's Tail has been made from sequin. 
  • The fire has been made with four different colour beads.
  • The body has been made with white metallic thread and has been outlined with black metallic thread. 

The Denim Jacket Features: 

  • The denim jacket has been hand-crafted and hand-embroidered with love! 
  • The material is 100% cotton.  Fabric for the denim jacket feels thick and does not stretch, we source quality fabric. 
  • It sports two pockets on the outside and two secret pockets on the inside. (more pockets, fewer problems)

Time Taken: 

  • This denim jacket requires over 60 hours worth of patience, skill and effort. 


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