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Ew, people.


Wear this jacket to let the people around you know how much you dislike them, very subtly and with grace. The comic girl with her stand out dialogue is a paneni bestseller. 
We're guessing most of you are done with people, eh? 

The Denim Jacket has been hand-crafted and hand-painted with love! It sports two pockets on the outside and two secret pockets on the inside. (more pockets, fewer problems)  

The Denim Jacket's paint WILL NOT fade and will stay true to colour for a very long time, as long as hand-washed in cold water or dry cleaned. Fabric for the denim jacket feels thick and does not stretch, it is quality fabric sourced from Bangalore! We believe in giving you the best possible product and making it with utmost love. You deserve it. 

Denim Composition: 100% Cotton
Colour: Dark Blue 

made in india

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