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Rs. 22,500.00

Collection: '21 Denim

The Butterfly Denim Jacket has been crafted with silk threads and beads for highlights. 

The Butterfly Denim Jacket Features:

  • The Designer wanted to create a contrast in the wings of the butterfly. The inside of the body has been made with tones of grey and white silk thread. The outside tapers into a vibrant blue colour to give contrast and also to match the brightness of the yellow.  
  • The detailing of this butterfly has been done with silver and black beads to give highlights and for the butterfly to shine just a little bit!  
  • The jacket features small outlined butterfly silhouettes in the front.
  • It is also signed by our name in the front with thread! 

The Denim Jacket Features: 

  • The denim jacket has been hand-crafted and hand-embroidered with love! 
  • The material is 100% cotton. Fabric for the denim jacket feels thick and does not stretch, we source quality fabric. 
  • It sports two pockets on the outside and two secret pockets on the inside. (more pockets, fewer problems)
  • This jacket is truly a work of rare craftsmanship and we're proud to call it a Paneni piece. 

Time Taken: 

  • This denim jacket requires over 55 hours worth of patience, skill and effort. 

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