Free Shipping! COD unavailable. Here's why. Free Shipping! COD unavailable. Here's why.

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Why we don't provide COD

Dear Customer,

We’d just like to start by saying, we have never made a deal in bad faith. Never have & Never Will. 

Switching off Cash On Delivery has impacted our sales, despite this we still continue to stand by our decision for various reasons as you can read below. 

We understand if you’ve not heard of us and you’re skeptical about placing your first order with us without COD, but we unfortunately we had to discontinue Cash on Delivery for three main reasons.

We are being completely transparent with you about everything as is your right to know why we are not able to offer you a particular service. This is not from a company to a person, this is just from the people of this company to you. We hope you understand.


With COD we face:

  1. Each order we get is made by hand. Our shop is so special because each item is hand-crafted. Each item takes hours worth of work to be prepared along with skill. This costs us money and time. These are not factory produced goods that are produced in bulk. Unfortunately, there are people who place bogus orders or change their mind at the time of delivery. They refuse to accept or tell the courier partner that they have not placed the order. Many customers have a pattern of doing this over and over. This incurs us losses and not one but multiple losses for each customer who does this.
  2. Courier Companies absolutely love Cash on Delivery. Want to know why? Because companies like us pay once for shipping it out to you - the customer - after which they don’t deliver it to the customer - write a lie to us in our reports as to why you could not accept so that companies (like us) pay for shipping the item back to ourselves. Courier companies also levy a charge on us for a percentage of the amount which they accept in cash - WHETHER OR NOT THE ITEM HAS BEEN DELIVERED. We pay this cost twice. We personally face a problem with 95% of the orders we get with CASH ON DELIVERY. 
  3. For each order that is Cash on Delivery, we spend hours screaming, shouting & begging the companies to get us in touch with the delivery agent which is against company guidelines, so we are not able to deliver your orders to you even if your order is genuine. With 100’s of orders pouring in we find it very difficult to account for each one of these.


For Pre-paid orders we have seen:

  1. Prepaid orders have a success rate of 98.2% because courier companies don’t have the room to put false claims like “Customer refused order.” Incase the order does not reach you Paneni makes sure to ship out a new item to you.
  2. Prepaid orders have lesser time wasted from our end, which means we are able to reach making your orders faster because we are wasting lesser time on bogus orders.
  3. Our items don’t get stuck in transit or get delayed to reaching you.



From our end we have made sure that :

  1. We provide you with almost all payment services possible. We have Wallet, Debit Card, Credit Card & Net Banking.
  2. We have also made sure that in case there is an issue of returns, the process of reaching out to us is simple enough. Just send us an e-mail ( or a message on WhatsApp (+91 9560977202). We will always get back to you.


We understand the Cash On Delivery is convenient for you and helps you build trust with us, but as you can understand it very cumbersome. Paneni’s employees are always here to address your concerns and issues! 


Loads of love,