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Hand Painted Dupattas

Hand Painted Dupattas

The whole wide array of floral and ethnic dupattas, so you don't miss out on the colour you want to add to your wardrobe. You can even customise your own dupatta!

Golden Net Organza Dupatta dupatta, ethnic, organza




chanderi dupatta paneni


Hand Painted Denim Jackets Chidiya 1



Customise with art you like and colours you want!

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paneni hiran chanderi dupatta


silk blue hand-painted dupatta


silk dupatta with tassels

mor pankh

chanderi dupatta orange




Hand Painted Denim Jackets morni 2



Get in touch with us and get your own design customized with Paneni today!

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Bhagalpuri printed dupatta online

rani II

Hand Painted Denim Jackets dost 2 Out of stock


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all you need to know about paneni's hand-painted collection-

Handcrafted and Hand-Painted each piece with love, Paneni likes to make only one piece of each design, so that you always have something special, something that was only made for you, to wear and remember there is only one of you. We paint on organza, kota-doriya, chanderi, linen and silk.
Our organza dupattas are sheer, bold and classy with designs ranging from all sizes- big to small. Some of the dupattas are sheer, while some have weaves of silver in them, some have subtle pastel shades and some are white!
Our off-white chanderi dupattas just matched up with any coloured Kurti, without a doubt always look fantastic! Chanderi dupattas fit in perfectly for the phrase, "carefully casual."
It's a no-brainer, silk can be worn with so many different fabrics that is one of the most versatile fabrics out there. We've painted them on different soft, light and pastel shades so that you can pair them with as many different things as possible.
Linen is a breezy, summer fabric which makes sure you're comfortable and at ease, but you don't have to compromise on style and being fashionable.
Our Kota-doriya dupattas are generally more easy-going for lighter days or those brunches you get together for with your friends. The simple floral designs or patchwork done over the dupatta makes them unique and simple to style.
Style the dupattas the old-fashioned way, or wear them around your neck, they just never fail.
If you need more ideas, head over to our blog.
And if you already have an idea, and you want something customised, call us today!

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