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The Great Wave of Kanagawa
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The Great Wave of Kanagawa

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Hi there, artist!

We're here talking about the Great Wave of Kanagawa which has piqued the interest of every artist!

Today we have three fun facts about the Japanese Wave! 

1. Seems like nature helped the artwork make waves!

  • What we know of the wave is that is actually a rogue wave and not a tsunami, but in 1896 a tsunami hit Nothern Japan and made the "Great Wave" an international phenomenon. The work of art at that point in time had over 5000-8000 prints. It became so popular that many images created print makers sold it by the equivalent of noodle soup.

2. The wave used a new colour for the first time ever!

"The Great Wave off Kanagawa" sought inspiration from the western world's painting techniques. The artist tried to create an illusion of depth and a horizon line. What is really fascinating is that this was also the very first painting in which our dear Prussian Blue made an appearance. It was the first modern man-made synthetic pigment.

3. BIG HISTORY FAN? You're gonna love these! 

We found a great source of Ancient Japanese Wave Illustrations! These are a collection of the black ink drawings that were originally produced by the artist Mori Yuzan. View here.

We also put a little beach-outfit inspiration for you! We matched our denim jacket with a crochet bralette, some shell earrings, a shell necklace and a beaded bracelet. Pop on your denim jacket,  you're sure to make some waves yourself! Buy it here or view more denim jackets.

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Thanking SurferToday from we picked up quite a bit of information. Check out their article! It's very well put together. View it here.