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Aao rani ji, padharo sa.

Today we're writing in, to all you beautiful women out there who love wearing their dupattas, and love matching them up with all different types of colours. 

Today from Paneni, we bring you a hand-painted royal deep blue kurta with a good idea to match it up with a stark white hand-painted dupatta. 

LEAN IN, cause you gotta imagine here a little bit.

We want you to style this deep blue silk kurta with hints of red, with this white linen dupatta with a majority of red.

This linen dupatta has one weave of a silver thread so when you're under any kind of light, the dupatta shimmers a little bit. Just the right kind of glow, if you ask us. 

ALSO IS IT JUST US, but do you love hoarding silver jewellery? We can't stop collecting oxidised silver jewellery, so you're going to end up seeing a lot over here. Just how easily some bangles and jhumkas can complete a look.

We went a little wild on this one and decided to pair it up with some burgundy shade kohl and our very trustworthy lipgloss. 

TO shop the look, you can get you dupatta here, and to get a kurta hand-painted the way you like it, you can reach us here. Otherwise, even if you're here for the eye-candy, we love you! 

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