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Looking for Silver Earrings?
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Looking for Silver Earrings?

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I see you're looking for jhumkas? You've come to the right place. At paneni, we kinda love hoarding jhumkas and earrings, love making our own, and we also love sharing with you where are the fun places you should always keep your eye out for spotting a great dangling piece of jewellery. Perhaps, you should add this to your list of places you want to run to once this atrocity is over, GGRRR COVID, go away. (Let's hope, covid is reading this blog post, since it clearing came looking for silver earrings) 

Looking for Silver Earrings?


OK, time to dive in. 


1. Delhi Haat, INA 

I've personally been to Delhi Haat so many times just because I'm in the mood to buy a pretty dangler or something nice and pretty. Delhi Haat has stalls that run every 15 days, so if you like something, we recommend you pick that up because it's not gonna be around forever. 

My pick from Delhi Haat: jhumkas delhi haat

2. Chandini Chowk- Silver 

Oh god, we know, it's a lot to recommend, but it's one of the best places to pick up silver jewellery at affordable prices. The Market is called Dariba Kalan and it might not be a treat to be in, but it has its perks and you gotta be there to believe it. 

My pick from Dariba Kalan: red jhumkas from Chandini Chowk

3. Khan Market

The market has been like a home to me for a couple of years and I remember each shop over there. Khan Market has some really classy stuff that you can go around looking for. Don't think of it as my bias, but I always recommend Khan Market to everybody. Even if you don't pick up a dangler, it's just a good place to be. Head over to Silver Line Jewellery in the Market. 

My pick from Khan Market: kettles

4. Cannaught Place

Let's be honest, sometimes you need some cheap jewellery that looks like silver and we could not recommend Janpath enough. Janpath and the circles of Cannaught place. Bargain, fight, choose from hundreds of different pieces. You're sure to get some really brilliant pieces for really cost-effective prices. (Pro-tip, if you're really into cheap jewellery, hit the road and reach Sarojini Nagar, you'll get jewellery for 30 bucks apiece. 

My pick from Cannaught Place:Looking for Silver Earrings?


5. Yashwant Palace

SURPRISED? But there is an underground market over here, that if you go hunting there are tonnes of silver shops with interesting lockets, earrings and rings. We were just as surprised but turns out a lot of their stock is sourced from Chandini Chowk. Now it wont be real thing without the crowd and the feeling of fearing for dear life, but it'll be worth it. 


BONUS BONUS BONUS, cause I like you, and I want to give you a little extra.

6. INA Market

INA Market has a couple of interesting shops where you can find lots of antiques and jewellery for the same. I went a little beserk trying to find good stuff and ended up buying quite a bit. 


Let us know in the comments down below where all you went and how did you like it. If you have any fun places you would like to recommend, we're already ears. UGH, I just love junk and silver jewellery. 

All the images are owned by Sanskriti Sharma, Paneni.