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Ok, are you done or ARE YOU DONE with the people who confuse marvel and dc, because uh, so are we. WE'RE DONE. IT SHOULD BE THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, REMOVE ALL THESE FAKE NERDS, we're not here for them. Once you've committed yourself to the nerd life, it only gets better from here and after. Congrats on making some good decisions. :) 

We at paneni made this lovely jacket for all you DC fans. It's been picked up from a vintage comic book theme. The whole comic book issue was for 45 cents!!! UNBELIEVABLE! Now we could not dream of a comic in 45 cents. 

We can't decide if the joker is super sane or super insane, madman or genius, y' know obsessed with Batman or dating him, I don't know, WHO REALLY KNOWS?

We brought together some fun facts for you guys to enjoy, go wild! 

1. Insane or something drove the clown crazy?

  • We're not sure what really causes the craziness, or was clown crazy from the word go? The most widely accepted story is that the clown fell into bleach (while escaping Batman) and it drove the clown crazy.

2. The Joker isn’t Insane, he’s Super-Sane

  • There is also a wild notion that the joker isn't insane, in fact, he might quite be the exact opposite. The idea here is that the joker might actually be so hyper-aware that he no longer cares for anything. We agree because nobody lesser than a mastermind would be able to pull off his level of detail in plans. 


3. The Joker Once had his Own Comic

  • The joker was so popular that the comic code gave him his own series. They quite obviously called it, The Joker, and it lived nine issues before they shut it down. This might have been due to how each story ended with him back in prison, thanks to the Comics Code Authority. What a bummer.

4. The Joker Once got Beaten by Superman

  • FUN FACT ALERT. Batman is NOT the only dude who wants to perpetually kill the joker. In the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic series, The Killer Clown tricks Supes into thinking he killed Lois Lane. Supes wastes no time in battling him and punches a hole through his chest. WHEN ARE THEY MAKING A MOVIE ON THIS?

5. He has a Love/Hate Relationship with Harley Quinn

  • Suicide Squad was just a small representation of the love and hate relationship between The Joker and Harley Quinn. The relationship has been somewhat romanticised, but the comics, again and again, show that the relationship was abusive and emotional. The Joker just can't leave her at any point but does not want to be with her either.


See, we can't figure, do we hate him or do we love him? All we know is, we can't imagine a world without him. So, out of respect for the character, we made joker, our jacket! The jacket took a while to make because of its detailing, its work and its shading, but we're proud of it. If you're a big fan of The Joker, you gotta own this jacket. Buy it here! And if you want us to make one for you, the way you want it, with your personal joker design, reach us here



A huge thank you to Mark Stamp, who is the original author of this article!

You can find his lovely article here.