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Episode 1: How it’s made
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Episode 1: How it's made

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Hey you, sunflowers and sunshine!

How are you, how is this time of self-isolation treating you? If you've somehow turned up here for an idea or two or simply to see something fun, we gotchuu. 

On today's episode of how it's made, we made this cute little sunflower which is easy enough for any beginner. You can paint it over a small piece of cloth, make a bandana or a scarf, the possibilities are endless. Hell, you can just paint it on nice thick sheet of paper and add it to your collection! 



1. Always begin by stretching out your cloth so that you don't end up with any kind of crease in between your cloth and your paint. 

2. Start by lightly making a sketch with a pencil and draw with no hesitation. Confident strokes are the best strokes! 

3. Start by painting the petals in a block yellow and then add a tint of orange and blur it out into the yellow. 

4. Paint the inside brown and add very thin subtle lines as outlines for the petals. 

5. Add a darker brown and leave some space for the light brown to peek. 

6. Add some dark blues to the absolute core of the flower.

7.  Add some whites to the outsides of the petals and some reds to the insides. 



Sunflower flatlay


Hope that was a fun and easy tutorial. Let us know if you want us to make sunflowers for you on a t-shirt, a denim jacket, a pocket of your jeans or a dupatta. We promise to make some beautiful for you! 

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